Our Mission


Sunshine Heights Junior Soccer Club is all inclusive and committed to providing;

  • a secure structure,

  • engaging, suitable coaching staff,

  • acknowledgement of the efforts of players,

  • an encouraging environment where all players feel valued

Our aim is to provide the opportunity for boys and girls from 5-16 years of age to participate in soccer and other physical activities in a safe and non-discriminatory environment and to build a sense of community that values team work, camaraderie, loyalty and true effort above anything else.


Our Core Values


  • Intregrity and Fair Play

  • Enjoyment – At all levels for all soccer participants

  • Unity – Players, Staff, Family and Community – we will all work together for the benefit of the club

  • Positive Coaching and Player Development – provide an environment for growth and excellence in football

  • Pride in ourselves, team and club

  • Respect – we will treat others the way we expect to be treated

  • Openness – we will engage and communicate transparently with all players, staff and parents



How to register

Parent handbook 2021


Team App

For all the latest news, alerts and links to fixtures, download TeamApp from the Google Play or iTunes store.  It is a valuable resource for the club and enables us to send messages out to players and parents quickly.  It also provides links to fixtures which allow users to use GPS capabilities to find venues.



Get the latest club news and match day photos on our Facebook page.



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