Sunshine Heights Soccer Club was formed in 1955, consisting of two Senior squads.  During the 1960’s, the members felt that it was time to introduce juniors.  This was one of the best things that Sunshine Heights ever did.  The introduction of juniors was the beginning of a new breed of talented soccer players in the Western Suburbs.


Ever since its inception, Sunshine Heights has been considered one of the best junior clubs within the Victorian Soccer Federation (now FFV).  For many years, teams at Sunshine Heights have performed at an elite level, consistently winning numerous titles, trophies and tournaments across Victoria.  This was possible due to a strong sense of connection to the club from all players and coaches. The club has always had a strong commitment to community, by providing a safe, inclusive environment to the young people of the West.  Once you are associated with Sunshine Heights, you have a strong connection to the club and its people, for life.


There have been some dedicated individuals at Sunshine Heights JSC.  Here are the people who have helped the club to be successful.


Here are some historical club photos dating back to the 50s.  


Sunshine Heights has produced a number of Australian International Players.